MALCOLM BROUSSARD - William Kamm's first fake "Bishop"

Malcolm Broussard, once of Galveston-Houston in Texas


Status of Malcolm Broussard  as stated by George Pell (now Cardinal Pell of Sydney)

Press release By Bishop Wilson of Wollongong

Letter by Malcolm Broussard's  Bishop of Galveston, Texas.

Statement by Bishop Bishop Ingham on Broussard.

Bishop Inghams 2003 Decree


Malcolm Broussard is William's first "Bishop". He gets dressed up to play bishop, and claims to be a bishop. But the truth is simple: Malcolm Broussard is NOT a bishop in any recognised Catholic Church.

He has no recognised faculties in the Catholic Church.

He cannot perform Weddings, Baptisms, confessions, or any of the sacraments recognised by the Catholic Church.  In fact, they  often even had to get a celebrant to formalise marriages, because Malcolm, and none of the other "bishops" (Jim Duffy for instance) and priests can perform recognised ceremonies.  He can't even wear priestly vestments, according to the Catholic Church.

He's excommunicated.

This sad misled (and misleading man) can only pretend.

I'd feel sorry for him, if only he wasn't a willing participant in the bogus performances of William Kamm, his leader. As the supposed religious shepherd, charged with the spiritual wellbeing of his congregation, he knowingly supported William Kamm in his activities faking communications with the Virgin Mary, and allowed William Kamm to carry on his activities.

Malcolm can try as hard as he wants to justify his "office" as a "bishop", but at the end of the day, the final arbiter is the Catholic Church. Malcom chooses to ignore the church, because he needs to maintain his position, because ALL of the "priests", "deacons", and host of fake clergy he has "ordained" are also invalid.


. Here are 3 documents relating to Malcolm Broussards position in the Catholic Church, and also the position of the church in relation to Williams cult:

Recent enquiries have been made concerning William Kamm "The Little Pebble" and communities at Nowra,. NSW and Tyaak, Victoria which is in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The Little Pebble, his teaching and his communities have no approval in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Messages are alleged to have been received from this person in which great emphasis is placed on millennialism, warnings, signs, torments, days of darkness. Alleged private revelations are given importance above the revealed teaching of Scripture and the authentic guidance of the Church. Messages which are not consistent with the Word of God and the constant teaching of the Church are to be rejected.

Father Malcolm Broussard has no faculties to function as a Catholic priest in this Archdiocese. Any attempt by him to administer Confirmation, Penance or Marriage would be null or void; any celebration of Mass or other Sacrament would be gravely illicit and cannot be recognised as a Catholic celebration.

Innocent people who have joined in prayers or other celebrations are Invited to follow the Judgement of the Holy See and or the local Bishop who alone have responsibility in these matters to give guidance to .the faithful. The Order of St Charbel has no approval whatever from the Church.

13 June 1997
George Pell


The movement associated with Mr William Kamm, also known as The Little Pebble, was declared inauthentic by my predecessor, Bishop William Murray, on 2 December 1984. Mr Kamm's movement is not an officially recognised organisation of this diocese and is not recognised as an official organisation of the Catholic Church. I agree completely with the decision taken by my predecessor in 1984. The reasons for bishop Murray's decision still stand.

As well, Archbishop Barbarito, the Pope's representative in Australia, sent the following message to Bishop Murray on 17 July 1985. The message came from Archbishop Edward Martinez, then an Officer of the Secretary. of State, indeed, the Pope's Chief Secretary.

I ask you to inform Bishop Murray that though, during the month of April Mr Kamm met the Holy Father on the occasion of a general Wednesday audience and took part with others of the faithful at the Mass in the Holy Father 's private chapel, nevertheless he did not receive any approval of his alleged 'visions' on the part of the Holy Father.

Consequently Mr Kamm has to submit himself to the jurisdiction of his bishop and to all his directions, who, according to the Law of the Church, has the direct responsibility to judge and to exercise discipline in matters concerning alleged 'apparitions '.

Most Rev P Wilson DD JCL
17 June 1997

Letter from Bishop Fiorenza.

Father Malcolm L. Broussard was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Galveston-Houston on May 20,1978. After several priestly assignments in which he did not adjust very well, Father Broussard abandoned his assignment and left without my permission or knowledge. In accord with Canon Law and after being informed and warned of the consequences of his actions, Father Broussard was suspended from priestly ministry on September 20, 1989. Therefore, he does not enjoy priestly faculties in this diocese and cannot be considered as a priest in good standing. As a suspended priest, Father Broussard is not allowed to licitly administer the sacraments or function as a priest.

I believe Father Broussard to be a good but misguided person. I have asked and written to him on numerous occasions for him to return home. He has refused and I have not heard from Father Broussard since the time of his suspension in 1989.

It is my understanding from other sources that Father Broussard has associated himself with Mr William Kamm and a group that calls itself the Order of St. Charbel in Australia. This group has no relationship to the Catholic Church. The people who promote movements such as this only cause confusion among good and faithful people and give rise to scandal.

I am saddened to learn of the allegations concerning Mr Kamm. I continue to hope and pray that Father Broussard will disassociate himself from this movement and reconcile himself to the Church and his family in the United States.

With prayerful best wishes, I am,

Sincerely yours,
Most Reverend Joseph A. Fiorenza
Bishop of Galveston-Houston


Statement by Bishop Peter Ingham

Bishop of Wollongong

10 June 2003


Fr Malcolm Broussard


The purported ordination as bishop of William Kamm’s  priest, Fr Malcolm Broussard, is schismatic and not recognised by the Catholic Church.  Schism is a split or a breach of communion with the Church.

 The Church’s penalty on a person who is ordained a bishop without a mandate from the Pope is ipso facto (automatic) excommunication that only the Holy See in Rome can lift.  Fr Malcolm Broussard’s excommunication happened when he attempted to have himself ordained a bishop in Germany on 30 March 2003.  The one who ordained him is also excommunicated in doing so, if not already excommunicated by virtue of his own purported ordination as a bishop in 1999. 

 Malcolm Broussard cannot rightfully claim he is a bishop of the Catholic Church, nor that he is loyal and obedient to Pope John Paul II and the Church’s teaching.  In fact, the Pope’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has instructed me to issue this decree because of the gravity of schism revealed most clearly by this illegal purported ordination and the setting up of a rival community under this excommunicated purported bishop. 

 Fr Broussard has no faculties to administer the Sacraments in the Diocese of Wollongong or, as far as I am aware, anywhere in Australia nor in his own diocese in Texas, USA.  He has no authority to act as a priest or as a bishop in the Catholic Church and his actions do great harm by leading into error some members of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Wollongong which is entrusted to my pastoral care.

 All who formally adhere, ie, who deliberately and knowingly intend to remain with Fr Broussard in schism, are also by that fact excommunicated and place themselves outside the Catholic Church. 

 My action in publicly declaring his excommunication is both pastoral and out of concern for healing the breach of communion with the Church.  My hope is that Fr Broussard, William Kamm and his followers in the so-called Order of St Charbel, will see the error of their ways and come back into communion with the Church.

 My concern as Chief Pastor of the Diocese of Wollongong is also to protect people of good faith who have been caught up in the ‘sect’ of The Little Pebble and, for the good of their souls, to help them back into full communion with the Catholic Church. 

DECREE (download PDF)


Most Rev Peter William Ingham DD
Bishop of Wollongong


Given at Wollongong
10 June 2003

Fr Malcolm Broussard

It has come to my notice that on 30 March 2003 in Bavaria, Germany, and in clear and indisputable contravention of the universal law of the Catholic Church, Fr Malcolm Broussard attempted to have himself consecrated as a Bishop.

Given the gravity of this situation and having taken advice from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, I hereby decree the following:

1. The ‘episcopal’ ordination of Fr Broussard is a schismatic act and is not recognised by the Catholic Church.

2. Fr Broussard has, by this action, incurred an excommunication from the Catholic Church. This excommunication can be removed only by the Apostolic See.

3. All those who adhere formally to Fr Broussard’s ministry in the so-called Order of St Charbel (of which Mr William Kamm is the Founder and Moderator, and Fr Broussard, the Prelate for the ‘Order’) and notwithstanding their awareness of this canonical measure, decide to persevere in their adherence, also place themselves outside the Catholic Church and are by that fact excommunicated.

Once again, in the spirit of Christ the Good Shepherd who seeks out those who have strayed, I urge any person who associates with Fr Broussard, or who associates with any other group or community or activity of Mr William Kamm (aka the Little Pebble), to seek reconciliation with the Catholic Church.

Most Rev Peter W Ingham DD




And *THAT* dear readers, is the current status of William's fake bishop.


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